Getting Your Kids To Eat Their Vegetables and Love Them

All Parents, I know that getting our kids to eat their vegetables is usually a challenge for most parents. If you haven't tried making Smoothies, I implore you to do so. Buy a Kitchen Aid Blender and start making Smoothies. You can make them with fresh vegetables such as brocolli, carrots, spinash, peas, and add the fruits that kids love strawberries, apples, bananas, pitless cherries, peaches, pears, etc and you can even put fresh frozen vegetables and fresh frozen fresh fruit and add cranberry juice, orange juice, apple juice. You could have your kids pick out the combinations with your final approval. Your kids will start to love eating vegetables and it will also be a great nutritional value for their health and won't lead to obesity. Also parents it is great for us and you will find them delicious. Also you can add a little ice if you want colder and not as thick smoothies.I hope that you have happy juicing and enjoy!

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