Fun Spaghetti Acorn Squash

Spaghetti Acorn Squash 2 Large

Butter 4 tablespoons                                                                    Peanuts 1/2 Jar                                                                       Cinnamon 2 teaspoons                                                                  Brown Sugar 4 teaspoons                                                        Unsweetened Strawberry or your choice Seedless Jelly 1/2 small jar


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Wash the Acorn Squash well and Cut from the middle in half scoop out all seeds.

Then, in a large bowl mix the already softened Butter, Peanuts, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar,Strawberry Jelly.

Spray a large deep pan on the bottom and sides with Pam.

Put the Acorn Squash on the pan and with a large spoon put a large scoop of Butter mixture in each one;pack in with your spoon.

Then, bake for about 30 minutes-50 minutes depending on your oven and the size of the squash until golden brown and the squash is soft as very well cooked spaghetti;please, set your timer.

Serve in a large bowl with a fork. Also serve with a main entree of Chicken, Turkey or Meat. 

I hope that you all enjoy!

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