Exercise Caution About Ear Surgery

Please, exercise caution before doing ear surgery on your child and only do surgery if there is a severe hearing loss;my son had a severe hearing loss and so I had a surgeon do surgery and tubes were implanted. I arranged the surgery at an outpatient hospital and please, be advised that you might have to monitor the pressure levels because there was a shortage of staff;if you have a weak constitution I wouldn't recommend you doing this. Eventually, the tubes fell out and my son's hearing returned to a moderate level. I recently met a parent whose child had ear surgery on  just moderate hearing loss and after the surgery it became severe. There is a considerable risk possibly associated doing this surgery;so please unless it is absolutely necessary, only do the surgery. This child now has a permanent hearing disability and learning disability. I only wish that I met this woman and her daughter before she selected the surgery. But, hopefully this article will spare many other children and adults.                   

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