Easy Rice, Beans and Seafood Recipe

Goya Red Kidney Beans

Red Pack Tomato Sauce 1 Large Can

Minute Brown Rice 2 Cups

Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Butter 3 Teaspoons

Swanson Chicken Broth 3 cups

Seasoned to your taste

Shop Rite Imitation Crab Meat 3 lb Package

Purple Onion 1

Spanish Onion 1

Garlic 1 small piece

Scallion 3 pieces

Celery 6 Stalks(or 6 pieces)

Plantains 6

Romaine Lettuce 1 Package

First soak the Beans for 1 hour in cold water in a large bowl. Then, pour out the water and rinse with cold water again and pour out the water. Place the Beans in a large pot of boiled water(¾ filled pot of boiled water) and cook covered on a medium Heat 2 hours(set your timer, please). Then, drain the water. Next, pour in the Tomato Sauce and a small amount of Olive Oil and Seasoned to your taste and cook  covered  ½ hour more(please, set your timer).

Cook the Minute Rice in a large pot according to the package. Then Drain with cold water. In the same large pot cook about 15 minutes the Rice with the Butter, small amount of Oil, 1 cup of Chicken Broth,  and Seasoned to you taste.

Soak the Imitation Crab Meat in a large bowl of water a few minutes and then drain. 

On a cutting board, cut in thin slices the clean washed with cold water Purple Onion and the Spanish Onion.

In a large pan put a good amount of Oil and 2 Cups of Chicken Broth in the Pan and Heat on medium Heat. Put the Onions in and turn occasionally.

Dice on the cutting board the Garlic. Put in the Onion pan. Also put the Scallions in. 

On the cutting board cut in slices the well cleaned with cold water the celery. Then add to the Onion Mixture Pan.

Add in the Imitation Crab Meat to the Onion Mixture Pan. Cook covered for another 15-20 minutes(please, set your timer) turning the Seafood Mixture occasionally.

Wash with cold water the Plantains and peel. Cut in small slices on the cutting board and put in a good amount of  heated Oil in a large pan and cook until the Plantains are light golden brown on both sides-keep turning in the pan. 

Soak and wash the Romaine Lettuce very well and Drain. Then, Place on a large platter and put using a serrated large spoon and arrange all the cooked food on top of the Lettuce. Serves 6 people

All, please, enjoy!

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