Easter or Passover Pot Roast or Brisket

Organic Spanish Onion 1 Large

Organic Celery  6 Stalks

Organic Belgium Carrots 1 Package

Lean Pot Roast or Brisket 3 Pounds

Organic Yukon Gold Potatoes(White Potatoes)  ½  Five Pound Bag

Black Pepper Hearty Sprinkle

Paprika Hearty Sprinkle

Sea Salt Hearty Sprinkle

1. In a large pot, put water up to the top almost and cover and boil on medium heat.

2. On a cutting board, peel the Onion that was rinsed well with cold water. Then, put in the large pot.

3. Then, rinse very well the celery and then. Cut it off the stringy part and cut in half on the cutting board. Add it to the pot.

4. Rinse the carrots and add to the pot.

5. Put the seasoning of the Black Pepper, the Paprika and the Sea Salt in hearty sprinkles in the pot.

6. Put the Pot Roast or Brisket that you well rinsed with cold water in the Pot. Cook your choice of meat for 1 ½  hours each side ( Please, set the timer). Before you turn over the meat stick a fork in it a number of times (to tenderize it and allow the gravy in).   

7. Turn over the meat and allow to cook ½ hour more(please, set your timer)  and then add the potatoes that were well rinsed, peeled on the cutting board and cut in half and cook both the meat and potatoes in the same pot 1 hour more (please, set your timer).

8. Serves 6 people. Also serve baked Organic Sweet Potatoes and a green vegetable Organic Broccoli or Organic Brussel Sprouts are a good choice. Apple sauce is good to have with your meal. Serve first a nice Organic Tossed Salad with a Light Vinagrette Dressing or Low Fat Dressing. 

9. Please, all have a wonderful Easter or Passover!

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