Easter or Passover Apple Spice Stuffing

Whole Wheat Bread 1 loaf (Easter Stuffing)

Ritz Whole Wheat Crackers ½ Box (Easter Stuffing)

Post Whole Grain Cereal Banana Nut 3 cups (Easter Stuffing)

Streits Matzah Meal 1 Box (Passover Stuffing)

Organic Apples 3

Spanish Onion ½ Large 

Sea Salt Hearty Sprinkle

Pepper Hearty Sprinkle

Paprika Hearty Sprinkle

Organic Eggs 4

Butter ¾ bar (Easter)

Butter Kosher  (K P) ¾ bar (Passover)

Sunshine Dark Raisins ½ Cup (Optional)

Season Dark Raisins KP 1/2 Cup (Passover and Optional)

Water 3 Cups

Honey ½ jar (Easter)

Honey 1/2 jar KP (Passover)

Preheat Your Oven 325 degrees.

1. In a large bowl, first pour 3 cups of water in the Bread,  crumbled Crackers, Cereal (Easter) or in the Matzah Meal (Passover).

2. On your cutting board dice the Onion that was well rinsed with cold water and add to the Bread Mixture or the Matzah Meal.

3. Also on your cutting board, dice the  cored Apples that was rinsed with cold water and then add to your Bread mixture or Matzah Meal.

4. Sprinkle hearty the Paprika, Salt and then the Pepper in the Bread Mixture or Matzah Meal mixture.

5. Add the butter and mash in the Bread or Matzah Meal mixture.

6. Add the Honey to the Bread mixture or Matzah Meal mixture.

7. Beat the Eggs well and then, add to the Bread mixture or Matzah Meal mixture.

8. Add the Raisins (Optional) to the Bread mixture or Matzah Meal mixture.

9. Bake for 1 hour 15 minutes (Please, set your timer) or more stuffing should be light  golden brown.

10. All enjoy and have a wonderful Easter or Passover!

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