Divorce Tips

Please, obtain a Marital Divorce Lawyer that practices Family Law. Also it is best for a family member or a friend to recommend the Marital Divorce Lawyer. In addition, you can contact your local Legal Bar Association for recommending a licensed Marital Divorce Lawyer. The attorney that you select needs to have a legal agreement in writing for his price and what he guarantees for his legal representation. Please, have an outline of all your reasons for your divorce and any documentation to support your reasons. If a higher support is needed due to an increase in the cost of living while during your divorce proceedings, be sure that your attorney puts that he(or she) will represent you for no additional fees in your original divorce attorney contract. It is better to hire an attorney from a legal firm and not just an individual attorney; if your attorney ever runs late in another court case or if your attorney is ill and you need another legal representative. Please, give your attorney an itemized list of all your family assets for your children and yourself and notarize it; preferably make copies of all original receipts of those items. Also write out what you want to say in court and bring it with you to court, just in case you are upset, nervous or tired. If you are falsely petitioned by your in-laws to a Renter’s Court hearing; attend anyway and win by bringing forth your joint tax return proving that your husband was claiming that you both owned your own home. If you are living still in your home with your children, you will be awarded your home. If there is a violent situation at your home, please, leave for safety with your children. Please, believe that G-O-D will always provide for your children and you and help you get by. Always keep a record of your Docket number of your divorce papers and carry that number where ever you go; you might have to go to court arbitration and you need your papers to have your facts and figures before you-one time my attorney did not show and I was forced to go to arbitration and I found my divorce papers.

I wish your family and you all the very best of good luck. 

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