Developing Good Study Habits

Please, have your young child establish good study habits;have your child do a regular routine. For example, my son had a snack, then he had an hour play date with another child and then started his homework or study. My son would go to the quietest room in our home and would not answer the phone, the door or go online. At times, he would go to the library to do some research or to just to  study. Also I would quiz my son after some studying. I told him that he should read a portion silently that he has to remember and then close his eyes and think of what he just studied and then open his eyes and read it one more time and then his memory will keep what he studied and it worked he was always a high honor roll student. Also my son used to have a severe hearing disability and a speech disability and we did surgery, hook on phonics and also I taught him to sing his words and it worked and it corrected his disabilities completely.My son while attending NJIT for 4 years taught at Rutger's Newark Architecture for students that were in their 3rd year at college. Anything is possible by you, as a parent, encouraging good study habits and working with your child.

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