Determining If We Have Epilepsy

If we have black out episodes, no memory of what has occurred and are biting our tongue; we could be suffering Epilepsy. But, please, go to an Epileptologist because it can be another physical disease such as Sleep Apnea, which mimicks the condition of Epilepsy.  If Sleep Apnea is diagnosed a Sleep Study is necessary; the room looks like a 5 star hotel room (but, I hope that it is not necessary). Also a safe Epilepsy medication is Dilantin; I read many doctor reports in the Star Ledger Newspaper about this medication and I found it to be also effective for Epilepsy. Of course new medications are made with research and could be even safer and more effective for Epilepsy. If you are or someone you know is diagnosed with Epilepsy and you live in the United States contact the Epilepsy Foundation for assistance; they will provide literature and comfort. I am an honorary member. Also I donate to the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ. Also I requested our Mr President Obama to do more public service announcements and he did it a big way; he made a Epilepsy Research Gala Fund Raiser and did a lot of public service announcements. He raised a lot of public service announcements. Our Mr President Obama raised a lot of money which led to one cure this past year but, Epilepsy is not universal for all and this is why research needs to continue. If you or someone you know would like to become a member of Epilepsy Foundation call your local chapter in the US. Please, Google  to see if there is a Foundation that treats Epilepsy if you reside overseas.

I am wishing all the very best and the best of health.

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