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Dahn Yoga is an excellent form of Yoga; it involves proper exercise and proper breathing. I was injured and unable to do Yoga that involves going down on a mat such as, the downward dog and Dahn Yoga also provides exercise options while sitting in a chair or reclining on a bed. I do Dahn Yoga daily and so, most people and all ages can do Dahn Yoga; always check with your doctor as I did first-my doctor, a Rheumotologist highly recommended my taking Dahn Yoga. Dahn Yoga increases circulation and lessens your pain. It helps us burn off unnecessary calories and maintain our weight and even help us lose weight. Dahn Yoga can be done throughout the day. Also it is very relaxing ;so, I hope that all parents try it , as well as introduce it to your child. I went to a Dahn Yoga Center and it only cost $25.00;I got a full machine testing assessment of my health (it determined where my body’s strength is located-upper or lower) and I got a private instructor and Dahn Yoga lessons and a Dahn Yoga video tape. Please, visit a Dahn Yoga Center today and shop at our Smart Store and buy our Organic Yoga Clothing and feel and look great! The link for our Smart Store is also on the right hand upper corner one link over to the left.

I wish all great health and fitness! Please, again check with your doctor before taking a Dahn Yoga class and doing the exercise.

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