Choosing a Career

Need help selecting your major based on your true enjoyment? For example, with myself my hobby and passion was art and poetry, and still is. There wasn't a better pursuit for my organization, that I'm in charge of today. In addition, my son excelled in math and science and would have been a great engineer. Yet,architecture was what my son choose for himself. So when asked by him, what field would I recommend for him to major in, I asked him "what is your true passion?" He answered architecture. Even after I met an engineer that attended a local college and said that there are more jobs in engineering, my son still decided to stick with architecture. It was a wise choice because he didn't make it based off of money. He simply followed what he saw was best for him.

I hope everyone can choice their career based off of what they're interested in, without having money as a deciding factor. When money is the deciding factor, you will see that you can't perform that job for too long. You will have wasted your time by not following your dreams from the beginning I wish all of you the ability to follow your dreams.

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