Cancer Free Food Photos

These Cancer Free Food Photos are the proper diet that can cure, fight and prevent cancer:always check with your doctor if you can eat all these foods. Our Cancer Free Smart Shop carries a number of these Certified USDA Organic Foods and Herbs and many more to follow: we have the lowest special prices if you buy more and we carry only all the highest rated products by the leading world scientists at Good Guide.We provide you with the best products, the best prices, convenience and safety delivered right to your door anywhere in the United States. There can be no greater service that we could provide for all United States residents. Also subscribing to our service will save you even more and you can get regular shipments and be able to have more time to spend with your family and work. Also prices are doubling and tripling in your grocery stores according to Channel 2 News:so, what are you waiting for? Please, shop our Smart Shop today.

I tried our certified organic honey (in place of sugar) today and put it in my original Cole Slaw Recipe and I added a little dill and it was delicious. My Cole Slaw Recipe is as follows:

Certified USDA Organic White Cabbage 6 cups

Certified USDA Carrots 3 cups

Dill 1/4 cup

Certified USDA Organic Honey 1/4 cup

Certified USDA Organic Lemon 1 large

Omega 3 Mayonnaise 3 tablespoons

Kosher Salt 1tablespoon

Black Pepper 1 tablespoon

Paprika 1 tablespoon

1. Use your grater and finely grate the Cabbage that you rinsed with cold water over a Large bowl.

2. Use your grater and finely grate your Carrots that you rinsed with cold water and add to the Cabbage bowl.

3. Add the Dill to the Cabbage bowl that you took off the hard stems and rinsed with cold water.

4. Add the honey to the Cabbage bowl.

5. Squeeze in the Lemon in a small bowl and remove all the pits ;then add to the Cabbage bowl.

6. Add the mayonnaise to the Cabbage bowl and the Kosher Salt, Black Pepper and Paprika mix well.

It will serve 6 people.I hope all will enjoy the foods that are in these Cancer Free Food Photos . Please, again order at our Cancer Free Smart Shop today and even better yet, please subscribe. I am thanking you, B I Alsieux.

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