Tea contains a lot of antioxidants called     catechins; lab studies have found it may stop cancer cells and reduce the size of cancerous tumors. Tea fights cancer of the following: breast, colon, liver, prostate, lung, skin, bladder, stomach and pancreatic. Green tea is the most beneficial because it has 3 times more catechins (According to the American Institute of Cancer Research).  Also Green Tea helps us all lose weight or maintain our weight. Please, shop at our Cancer Free Smart Shop; we have an excellent and delicious cancer fighting tea. Our family has bought it and tried it so soothing, fresh tasting and  makes us feel healthier.
I Blogged recently about Flax but, I just did more research and found out they we can sprinkle Flax seed on our cereal, oatmeal and salad. Our family bought it and it tastes delicious. Also flaxseed contains lignans and they may help our body rid itself of omega 3 fatty acids, carcinogens; this is believed to reduce inflammation and boost the body’s immune system. Krista Haynes, RD, Staff Dietician with Cancer project, Nonprofit Group in Washington, DC.  It may fight the following cancers: colon, breast, skin and lung.
According to a study from the Public health at the University of Minnesota, Whole Grains 21%-43% lower the risk of cancer. Whole Grains have Bran and Germ layers contain a lot of antioxidants and other nutrients. Also Whole Grains contain fiber and when fermented in the colon and may produce substances that protect cell from cancer causing agents. It may fight the following cancers-Breast, Colon and Stomach.
Dark Certified Organic Green Leafy Vegetables can help cure cancer because they contain folate and carotenoids; carotenoids are antioxidants which work cell to cell to control growth. It may fight the following cancers: breast, skin, pharynx, mouth, lung and stomach.
So, again, please, visit our Cancer Free Smart Shop; buy the best USDA and highest rated certified organic products, such as our cancer fighting tea from us which are tested by the world’s leading scientific team , Good Guide.

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