Call The Toll Free Number On All Prescriptions

All parents, please, make sure that you call a toll free number on your child's prescription bottle as well as your own;check out any side effects that might not be listed. My son once took an Asthma medicine that gave him symptoms that were just like a virus but, he wasn't getting better with the medicine that the his Pediatrician gave him. Even though first, I mentioned and asked his Pediatrician could it be his new Asthma medicine and he said no, my mother instincts said yes and I called my pharmacy. The pharmacy advised me to call the toll free number that is on the medicine because the drug company does not always list the precautions and side effects on the bottle or the literature that accompanies the medicine; if the majority of people don't have side effects (also it is legal to do that). It is still difficult for me to comprehend that a child's medicine wouldn't have all the precautions and side effects on the bottle or the accompanying, please, all parents call that toll free number on your child's medicine and yours and if a number is not listed on the bottle call toll free information.

I wish all children and parents good health!

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