Be Careful Charitable Organizations

Be Careful Charitable Organizations 501C3 for tax purposes with SEO companies; some will promise free representation and not keep their terms. Two different great companies are 29’Prime, and the Quick Start Store ( Moby Dart has taken over the Quick Start Store). Both promised a free website, domain and monthly fees paid and both kept their word. Our charitable organization, Artist Barbara Alsieux Fine Art Studio, had no clients as yet from the new websites but, we are hopeful and we are thanking G-O-D. Our most recent website for 29’Prime is Proper Watercolor Lessons and Moby Dart one is Essex County Pottery Classes.

Our charity would gladly pay a fee when we get many clients from our new websites. It is so wonderful that we are given this great opportunity and we will be able to do more great work. We donated thousands of dollars to Epilepsy Foundation of NJ and we requested that our Mr President Barack Obama, do more public service announcements for Epilepsy and he did and  he held a large Research Gala in Washington and raised a great deal of funds (as I mentioned in an earlier Blog). I, Barbara Alsieux am also an honorary member of Epilepsy foundation of NJ. Also I, Barbara Alsieux, was nominated and Accepted Poetry Ambassador of the United States. 

In conclusion, please, Be Careful Charitable Organizations  make sure that you have a bonafide agreement with a SEO company and put everything in writing with that company that you want on your website. Also review your website immediately because errors can be made and get the company to correct immediately. People look to sue your domains. I wish all charitable organizations or pending organizations a lot of good luck.

Please, all shop our Heart Strong Smart Shop or Cancer Free. Best Regards, B I Alsieux, the Founder of Parental World Knowledge.

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