All Parents, Please, Go Immediately to CPR Class

When my son was age four, he was eating a hard candy while playing his video game ;he got excited that he won the game and when he jumped for joy the candy in lodged in his throat. Now, since he was only 4, I had to do the CPR for a young child: which is placing your child over your knees and his face was facing down; also you gently press on your child’s back until the candy dislodges. It seemed like forever my administering CPR but, I calmly continued it was 15 minutes non-stop and the candy dislodged. It was very fortunate that I had a CPR class in my Elementary School’s Health Class at age 12 years of age because by the time that I was done the ambulance that my family called just first arrived. I do not think that my son would have lived that long because my son also had Asthma. Even if a child does not have Asthma it is still too dangerous not to learn CPR. Also, take your child with you if at least 12 years of age. We stopped ever getting hard candy again. Also I told my son never jump up while eating something ;he has listened ever since. 

Also right before I had to save my son, I had to save a man in a restaurant; he was choking on a piece of food. I went behind him and clasped my hands together and put them in front of him and I kept thrusting my hands with a rhythm of one two until the food dislodged it was in a couple of minutes. The ambulance arrived right after I dislodged his food. I am glad that I had that experience to save a life and it prepared me saving my son because it was 24 years earlier I learned CPR. So, even if you learned CPR a brusher course is good idea to take. 

Please, contact immediately your Health Dept to inquire about a CPR Class. I wish you and your children and your family a very happy and healthy life!

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