10 Top Things To Do On A New Relationship Date

10. Go to a nice Dance place - agree upon the music that you both like.

9. Go to a Diner or a reasonable Dining Place and clip a coupon.

8. Read Books at a Fashionable Book Store (I visited Massachusetts and there was also a beautiful waterfall to look out while reading-how great!) and also get a cup of fruit Green Tea or a cup of Green Coffee and if you can’t find it buy a Latte but please, brush your teeth with organic toothpaste soon after -the latte can wear down the enamel in your teeth).

7. Go to the Beach.

6. Go to the Video Arcade.

5. Go to the Museum of Natural History.

4. Go to a Modern Art Museum-MOMA - Museum of Modern Art, NY is superb.

3. Go to an Art Museum - The Metropolitan Museum of Art is also superb.

2. Attend a Lecture- agree upon a favorite topic -I love Art, Poetry and Spirituality Lectures.

1. A Picnic in the Park, a walk, and a boat ride.

I hope that you do all ten at different times.

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