10 Things You Need to Know or Ask About a New Relationship

1. What was the reason your partner’s former relationship did not work?

2. Did your partner’s former relationship not work because their former partner cheated; what was the reason?

3. Did your partner’s  former relationship fail due to their work(can you tolerate their long working hours or please, ask yourself if they are away in the military or away a lot of business can you cope with that?)?

4. Did your partner’s former relationship fail due to their inability in love making and if so, can you be in a relationship where this is a factor?

5. Did your partner lose a wife or a husband, girlfriend or boyfriend?

6. Is your partner over the loss of their former wife or husband or girlfriend or boyfriend (If not can you wait till they go through the grieving process, which can take years?)?

7. Does your partner like their mother or father whether living or deceased (How a man treated his mom or treats his mom or a woman how she treated her father or how a woman treats her father is a sure fire way of knowing how he or she will treat you?)?

8. Is your partner asking for money from you right after meeting you(if so most likely he or she is a con artist not a boyfriend or girlfriend)?

9.Do you and your partner have many things in common (same hobbies, books, travel interests, goals in life and do charity work)?

10. Does your new partner have a child or children and are you prepared to be a mother or father to them one day?

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