10 Things to Do for Preparing a Dinner for a New Relationship

10.What food is your partner’s favorite dinner and prepare it.

9. Ask your partner’s favorite music and make tapes of the music.

8. Ask your partner’s favorite flower scent and pick those flowers in your garden and arrange them the day of the dinner or  if not buy those flowers if you can.

7. Have a romantic flameless candle at your dinner table; soon to be offered at my store (I  am linked to my son’s store that we share and I have a few organic clothes on there now).

6. Serve dinner on your good china, use your best linen tablecloth and polish your silver flat wear ; you can use toothpaste to polish your silver (my son sells organic toothpaste at his store that is linked to my website).

5. Wear a comfortable dress or skirt or if a man dress pants and a nice shirt and a tie.

4. Arrange for some close family member or someone that you know well to watch your child at their home.

3. Ask what wine your partner likes and serve it at your dinner.

2. Ask your partner his or her favorite dessert and make it or buy it and serve at your dinner.

1. Plan something that you both can do together and both enjoy after your dinner; ask your partner his or her likes and take in account your own - a puzzle, scrabble, checkers, chess, computer games or take a romantic walk hand-in-hand in the approaching moonlight and then moonlight.

I am hoping and thanking G-O-D that you have a wonderful night!

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