1 Four Leaf Clover St Patricks Day Pin

You will need the following items for this parent and child craft:

1. Foam Green 6 sheets

2. Foam Lime 6 sheets

3.  Green Glitter Fabric Ribbon 1 spool

4. Safety Pins that have a flat back 6

5. Hot Glue Gun 1

6. Glue Sticks 6

7.Oak Tag 1 small piece

8.computer heavy strength copy paper 6 sheets

9.computer scanner and printer or copier

10. Safety scissors 6

11. Medium Point Black Permanent Marker 1 

12. 6 pencils Number 2

First parent,  please draw with a Permanent Black Marker 1 three leaf clover (you can draw it looking like part of the top of a heart) with a 1/2 inch width and 1 inch length stem on the Oak Tag; the three leaf clover should be 3 inches width and 2 ½ inches in height. Then, parent cut it out and leave the black outline showing.

Next, parent please, draw with a Permanent Black Marker 1 four leaf clover with a ½ width and ½ inch length stem on the Oak Tag; the four leaf clover should be 2 1/2 inches width and height 2 inches. Then, parent cut it out and leave the black outline.

Then, parent put both either on the copier or on the scanner and print out 6 copies of each Clover.

Next, parent give all children and yourself 1 copy of each Clover. Please, instruct all to cut it out. Then use it as a stencil and trace around on the Lime Foam for the three leaf clover and on the Green Foam for the four leaf clover.

Then all cut 2 one inch pieces of the Glitter ribbon.

Then, parent, you use the Glue Gun and put Glue on the bottom sides of  both  stems of the Lime Clover and glue down the  ½ inch of the Glitter Ribbon on the bottom sides and put glue on the back sides of the  Lime stem and put the other ½ of both Glitter Ribbons. Then, center the small Four Leaf Clover on top of the Three Leaf Clover and put the glue and put the four leaf clover on

Then, parent, on the back of the lime clover put glue centered and add the flat side of the pin.

I hope all enjoy. Also I hope all have a Very Happy St Patrick’s Day! 

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